Millions of cars go through the annual vehicle inspection process every year. Dezzex's AI solution enables vehicle testing centers to be more accurate while inspecting cars by providing them with accurate and quick results. Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are changing the current system of vehicle inspection and improving turnaround times while providing a smoother customer experience.



Manual paper form-based process

Vehicle Inspectors have to manually inspect hundreds of cars per day

Too many human touchpoints with the current COVID situation

Possible vehicle hazards

government agency inage
Other Areas for drive through inspection:

The entrances and exits for Airports, prisons, customs and other government departments, large public parking lot etc. to check the prohibited items.

Events, exhibitions for vehicle safety inspection

For explosive, military security checking



Automated Inspection process

Dezzex AI takes a few seconds to scan a car

Picks up the smallest of scratches, leaks, and underbody defects with very high accuracy

Reduces time drastically